About the app


Baby World app is an educational app for babies up to 12 month of age.
It features:

Free sets with black & white flashcards and flashcards with red, yellow or green

perfect for newborns whose sight is not fully developed yet: red, yellow and green are first colors babies are able to see

Additional sets of high-contrast illustrations available for purchase

over 100 flashcards you can use to tell your baby about the world!

Soothing, baby-friendly music in the background

3 types of music to choose from: lullaby, classical music or nature sounds

A free bonus!

a filter that allows you find out how your baby sees the world!

The launch day - February 16th!

Why black & white?

Have you ever wondered how your newborn sees you or the surrounding world?


Infants do not see as well as adults. After birth babies’ sight is not fully developed and their vision is still not clear. It takes them up to a year to gain all visual abilities like seeing things in detail or distinguishing different colors.

During the first months of baby’s life their vision is blurry, like through a fogged glass. Newborns cannot see colors or shades, but only high contrasts (like black and white). This is why newborns tend to ignore colorful pictures and focus on big, simple patterns with contrasting colors instead. As the baby matures, it starts differentiating other colors as well, starting from red and green.


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